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Enhancing Productivity with Three Magic Numbers

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50-50-30: These three magic numbers can increase productivity and drive profit for companies.

All our lives, we’ve heard that people who are able to manage their time well are the most productive. But doesn’t everybody have the same 24 hours in a day?

Nobody can change that, right?

Then why do we talk about time management all the time?

In reality, the secret to being productive lies in managing ourselves. It’s all about how we focus our energy on the tasks that require the highest level of productivity rather than the time we allocate for them.

Makes sense, right?

So How Do We Manage Ourselves?

To understand this, you must know that the human brain has three different parts – the emotional brain, the mental brain, and the physical brain.

Each part works individually and isn’t interconnected with any other part. This is why we tend to struggle while trying to focus all our attention on a single task.

Your emotional brain may make you miss someone you love or your physical brain might tell you that you’re tired, making it difficult for the mental brain to focus its energy on the task at hand.

The State of ‘Flow’

The key is to nourish all three brains to avoid the problem of ‘friction’. The good news is that we can set ourselves up to work in the state of ‘flow’ where there are no distractions and we’re productive.

When you’re running a small business, achieving this state of ‘flow’ is crucial for success.

The Magic Numbers

50-50-30 – building your business schedule with this structure is the way to go!

At the start of your day, schedule 50 minutes of uninterrupted business work. This should be followed by a 10-minute break – and by a break, I mean complete disconnection with the task at hand. Get up, take a walk, stretch.

Once the break is over, get back to work, completely focused. After another 50-minute work session, take a break again for 10 minutes. Then, the third session will be 30-minute session focused on other tasks not related such as email. Then take another break for 10 minutes.

After the 10 minute break, repeat the cycle two more times during the day and you’ll see significant improvement in your business productivity levels.

This is the ultimate way to give your emotional, mental, and physical brain enough rest to work optimally when required. The magic number technique works wonders for small businesses – take it from an experienced business coach. If you’re looking to find the right direction to get your small business past the stage of stagnancy, contact Chris TODAY!