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Ditch the small talk

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Whiteboards N Whisky

My name’s Chris Beard and welcome to Whiteboards N Whisky.

I thought I’d grab a couple of minutes of your time just to give a brief explanation as to who Whiteboards N Whisky are, and what it is that we do. But firstly, it’s probably best to explain a couple of things that we don’t do.

So Whiteboards N Whisky is not another networking event, it’s not an event where you need to prepare your 60-second pitch, and then come along, and deliver it to a group of business owners.

We’re not an event where you need to think through your network, and try and identify what are business contacts, friends, etc, that we could refer to people within the environment. That sort of thing is great, you know, it’s really important and a great way to grow your business but it’s not what we’re about.

Whiteboards N Whisky is about three things.

The first one is social. So it is a social event, we’re all business owners we all have our own challenges, we all have our own opportunities and it does get pretty lonely out there. So the, the first part is the social. It’s to get together to come to an environment, mingle with other business owners, know for a fact that there’s no selling, no one’s looking to get referrals from you. No one’s looking to do anything other than socialize. If it leads to referrals and that sort of thing outside of Whiteboards N Whisky, that’s great, but that’s the first element, the social element.

Second part, of course, is the fine whisky. So there will always be a couple of different styles of whisky for you to try. It will help with the social element. And obviously if you’re not a whisky drinker, or if you’re not a drinker at all, you can still come along and there will be other options for you. So that’s the first step. We’ve got the social, we’ve got the whisky.

And then comes the fun part, the whiteboarding. Imagine having up to 15 other business owners sitting around in a room where you all get to identify what the number one challenges are for today in your business. I’m not talking 12 months ago, six months ago, what is live, what is hot and what is going on today? We then go through an exercise where we have up to 15 different business owners all from different industries. There might be some from similar industries but we start to unpack those challenges, and get it up on the whiteboard. And we focus on unpacking and pulling together a solution for the number one challenge in business today.

Obviously, I am a business coach. I do like to put in mine two bits, which I will, I can’t help her, but that also makes it a little bit more part of the fun and the process, and that sort of thing. So that’s Whiteboards N Whisky. It’s a little bit different, social, fine whiskey and whiteboarding the problems of business today, the things that are facing us today.

So grab a ticket. I know just through that whiteboarding exercise alone if you were to take away what we unpacked during that session, you’ll get at least a 10 times return on investment for the ticket. But I’d say potentially higher, you know, potentially up to a 100 times. These are game-changing, working on the business type processes that we go through.

So Chris Beard, Whiteboards N Whisky, grab a ticket and I look forward to catching up with you in our next Whiteboards N Whisky session.