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The Accountable Boardroom
You Are A Business Onwer... & So Are We!!

A collaborative community of GROWTH focused Business Owners

Our Elevator Pitch

We are a UNIQUE group of business owners who want to help each other achieve their vision.

We provide advice, challenge, and guidance so you can reach your goals faster.

And we hold each other ACCOUNTABLE for our success.

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Ready To Take The Next Step Towards your ideal business?

The Accountable Boardroom can provide you with the tools, resources, and advice needed to achieve your vision. Our Members are dedicated to helping each other grow and succeed.

We hold each other accountable for our individual successes as well as the success of the group as a whole.

1. Board Coaching - Strategic Accountability Intensive Planning

This is definitely not a 'Rah-Rah' session. The group program provides Business Coaching and Workshops that are designed for collaboratively unpacking the challenges and opportunities of each Business Owner in the group.

2. One-to-One Business Coaching

Give your business or your team extra focus with a tailored 1-to-1 Business Coaching Program. This program is supported by a dedicated plan, which when combined with the Group Coaching, enhances your journey to your IDEAL Business

3. Quarterly Planning

Planning Sessions held every quarter to identify THE business activities or projects that will 'turn up the dial' in your business over the next 13 weeks.

4. Collaboration & Resources

Between the Strategic Accountability Intensives, a Midway Check-in Session is held. In this group session the focus is on implementation and checking in on progress to brainstorm roadblocks, obstacles and challenges as well as opportunities. Consistent with the “accountable” philosophy, we hold each other to account for the success of both the individual Business Owners and as a Group of high-performance Business Leaders.

Do you want to learn a little bit more?

No one walks up to someone in a bar and asks to marry them at first sight… THAT’S JUST CRAZY!!!

We agree with that as well. 

We are not asking you to ‘marry us’, or work us straight away.

Check out our website for The Accountable Boardroom and grab some more details.

Maybe there is a fit… and maybe there isn’t. At least you will learn a little bit more about The Accountable Boardroom